Patchwork Quilt: My Favorite Handmade Item

patchwork quilt bed bedroom
Photo by Sheri Reed
The handmade quilt that my grandma made for me is starting to unravel at the edges from wear, but it will always remain one of the items I cherish most.


My grandmother made quilts for many of the women (some of us then girls) in our family. Three of the granddaughters got the patchwork patterned quilt shown above, mine and a cousin's with a yellow backing, another cousin's with an orange backing.

Of course, this quilt is special because my grandma hand-pieced it and put it all together just for me. However, one of my favorite things is that you can find some the same fabrics in each one. At my cousins' houses on the East Coast, I can look at their quilts from Grandma and find many of the same floral print fabrics that are in mine -- in blue, in orange, in red -- all pieced together in their quilts. Grandma even made my mom a different patterned quilt, but I can hunt around it and find a few of the same flowery prints found in mine. Just like us, it's as if the quilts are all related, all made from pieces of the same fabric.

This quilt also happens to be the best blanket in the house. The perfect weight. The perfect softness. I swear it still smells like my childhood. I try to keep it put away now that it's beginning to unravel; however, more than once, I have caught my husband sneaking it out of the closet.

"It just feels so nice," he says apologetically, and sometimes I let him have it.

What handmade item in your home do you cherish most and why?

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