Weeknight Speed Cleaning: 30 Minutes to a Cleaner Home


laundry pileSave the mopping, vacuuming, or other deep cleaning for the weekend (or every third weekend if you're like me). It's time to do a weeknight speed clean.

Here's how to make your home feel cleaner in just 30 minutes, which will open up more family time on the weekend.

Make your home cleaner in just 30 minutes with these weeknight speed cleaning tips (recommended 2-3 times a week)

30-Minute Weeknight Speed Cleaning

Kid Clutter (1 minute):

  • Start by supplying your kids with a bucket, basket, or other receptacle and give them 5 minutes to pick up as many toys outside their room(s) as possible (small rewards are helpful here). Toys can be organized and put away in their right spots on the weekend. (1 minute to get them started)

Laundry (3 minutes):

  • Grab enough laundry to get one significant load, preferably items you tend to run out of before the week's end, be that favorite jeans (darks) or socks and underwear (lights), etc. (1 minute)
  • Start your load. Getting a few loads of laundry done during the week will make all the difference for your family time on the weekend. And just getting that load started is key. (1 minute)
  • Set a timer. A large load in our washing machine takes about 45 minutes; your washer's cycle might be shorter/longer. (30 seconds)

Kitchen (7 minutes):

  • Clear out your sink by handwashing or loading your dishwasher. (4 minutes)
  • Wipe down all the surfaces, including your stove top (2 minutes).
  • Either do a quick sweep OR use a moist cloth (and a little soap or surface cleaner, if you like) to wipe up any obvious spills on the floor. (1 minute)

Main Bathroom (3 minutes):

  • Wipe down all surfaces with a moist cloth (and a little soap or surface cleaner, if you like). Start with the sink and faucet and move onto the counters, tub edge, back of toilet, and obvious floor scuffs or smudges. Finish by wiping down the toilet seat and inside rim. (3 minutes)

Master Bedroom (4 minutes):

  • Your bed was probably made earlier if you're a bedmaker and skip it if you're not. You're just going to get right back in, right?
  • Hang up or fold any clothing items and put them away. (2 minutes)
  • Clear off dresser surfaces and tidy bedside tables. (2 minutes)

Family Space (5 minutes):

  • Arrange the couch pillows in a neat row and fold throw blankets. (1 minute)
  • Clear off table surfaces and tidy your stacks of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, video games, and toys that can stay out. (2 minutes)
  • Tackle obvious crumbs with a handheld vacuum. (2 minutes)
[15 Minute Break]
  • Use this 15-minute break for whatever you like until the load of laundry is ready to be moved to the dryer: Start dinner, check your child's homework progress, make a refreshing drink, check your email, put your potty-training toddler on the toilet, read the mail, pay a bill, smooch your spouse, whatever you like!

Laundry continued (1.5 minutes):

  • Switch your load of laundry to the dryer. (1 minute)
  • Set a timer again so you don't forget the clothes in the dryer. A large load in our machine takes about 1 hour; your dryer's cycle might be shorter/longer. (30 seconds)

[1 Hour Break]

  • Again, use this hour for whatever you need until the load of laundry is ready to be removed from the dryer.

Laundry continued (5.5 minutes):

  • Remove your laundry from the dryer. (30 seconds)
  • Fold or hang up all laundry and put it away (5 minutes)

Do you speed clean and sneak in a little laundry on busy weeknights? What speed chores are on your must-do list during the week?


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dixie... dixiecharmer

I do a load of Laundry every morning, and I Fold  and hang the clothes in the dryer . Yes 5 minutes total to deal with the load in the dryer.   Morning load goesin the dryer in the afternoon.  I put a second load of clothes in the washer.  It will go in the dryer in the morning.  (shirts, colored underwear, light weight pants in the morning thus the clothes that wrinkle are hung up fast.,  Jeans and towels in the afternoon. load) 

  I load the dishwasher after each meal, but only run it in the evening.  The kitchen counter is wiped down after loading the dishwasher. Bathroom is spot cleaned in the morning after I use it. I have a spray bottle I put sudsy ammonia in for spot cleaning the sink and shower.  Spay and wipe down with hand towel that matched the towel I used for my shower.

 Each bedroom has its sheets changed on different days. One set of sheets will go in the bleach load so I have a full load of bleached whites.  Next load of sheets with deal with the non bleach white clothes. this will give me 2 days where I will do 3 loads.

Vacuum the floors in the center daily, move every thing to vaccum once a month. Set vaccume to sweep level to take care of kitchen and bathroom tiles.

cityk... citykitty77

During the week the only room in my house that gets cleaned regularly is the kitchen. Its the one room I don't mind cleaning.  I try to get a couple of loads of laundry done during the week as well.  Weekends is when I do the deep clean (vaccuming/mopping, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry).  I'm pretty anal about cleaning so it's tough for me to ever 'speed clean.'

Cafe... Cafe Kate

I agree with the laundry tip...if you can get one or two loads done during the week it makes such a difference. I don't normally do it, but if I do, I'm soooo happy when the weekend comes!

Lance... LancesMom

I am a wanderer! If I am cleaning I will wonder into another room with something to put away! Then I find something in there to do. I love these tips, I need a plan for sure!

fairy... fairymom2316

They key is to never let things pile up, speed clean different sections everyday and your house will stay clean =)

ARmom ARmom

I speed clean all week! LOL But I'll be using these tips to organize my cleaning. Thanks!

chez.... chez.vonda

good tips! i need all the motivation i can get - i am not a domestic even after almost two years at home LOL! I do however care about the quality of cleaners I use...when i get to it. Visit for safer, more effective green cleaning & other good stuff!

NearS... NearSeattleMom

I always speed clean. Sometimes I actually set the timer for three minutes to see how much I can get done in the kitchen!

Kim24... Kim24kids

The tips are GREAT!!I do laundry almost everyday to prevent a HUGE overload!

singl... single_and_preg

I always speed clean, Im about to do it in a few minutes lol.

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