4 Ways to Cuddle in Bed Longer on Valentine's Day Sunday

couple feet bed sheets

Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year. That means many couples have the perfect excuse to cuddle in bed a little longer on Valentine's Day morning.

  1. Occupy the kids: Oh, a little TV's not so bad for them. Pop in a movie for the kids, hand over the remote, and run back to bed to cuddle longer with your darling.
  2. Put on clean sheets: Put fresh-smelling sheets on your bed the night of February 13th. When you wake up in the morning, you won't want to get up.
  3. Wake up early: Giving up sleep is sort of a sin for parents, I know. However, if your kids are still tiny tots, it might be nice to set the alarm to wake up early with your partner and enjoy each other before the baby or kids wake.
  4. Get an overnight sitter: Now here's the best idea. Take Grandma or another loved one up on their offers to take your kids overnight, ESPECIALLY if your kids don't sleep through the night. A good night's sleep and some morning cuddles will make your Valentine's Day.

How do you plan to sneak in extra cuddling in bed on Valentine's Day?


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