Good Habits Beget Good Habits: Week 1 Progress

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It's time for my first weekly check-in regarding my plan to find joy in a more balanced life. I hope you'll share your progress as well. To stay balanced, I need all the support I can get. :) If everything fell apart last week, start again this week.

If you're new here, you can join anytime!


Okay, so here's my progress on this month's goals. I think it's important to look at the amount of joy you got out of each goal. After all, if the goal's end result is not joy, then perhaps you need to pick a new goal.

Marriage: Sign up for preschool's monthly Parents Night Out.

  • Progress: Success! Dropped off kids, had fixed price sushi, and saw a movie on some free passes. 
  • Joy-o-Meter: I was sort of crabby through dinner and picked a small fight, but the night ended well. :)

Kids: Sit one-on-one with each child for 15 uninterrupted minutes 2x a week.

  • Progress: I have not done any one-on-one time, aside from homework with my 7-year old. Whoops. My husband has done all the bedtime reading.
  • Bright side: I threw my 7-year old a fun family birthday party (25 people!) with DIY sandwiches and chocolate cake. We also had a family movie night on Friday.

Personal Interests: Go on one photo-taking outing a month. 

  • Progress: I haven't done this, and I really want to.
  • Bright side: There are still a few weeks left in the month, right?

Work: Shower and/or get dressed to leave the house at the beginning of every work day. 

  • Progress: Success! Dressed first thing! Every single week day! Even wearing clothes deemed "too cute" for working at home.
  • Joy-o-Meter: It feels really good. Loving this one.

Household: File, recycle, or trash "the stack" on the kitchen counter once a week.

  • Progress: Success! I'm on track with this one!
  • Joy-o-Meter: So much joy that I'm clearing it off almost daily, not just weekly.

Overall thoughts:

Making a mindful plan has been the best part of this resolution so far. And being mindful of the joy (or non-joy) that comes with the things I think I should be doing.

Also finding that creating good habits leads to other good habits! I think the big declutter at the beginning of January also helped my household motivation.

Other positive progress:

  • Been making our bed every weekday morning. Huh?
  • Put away laundry *as soon as I folded it* twice! Wow!
  • Started a new exercise to reduce some clutter: When I leave a room, I always take something that belongs in another room and put it away. So great!
  • Said "no" to a family outing, which was causing more time-juggling angst than joy. !!!
  • Said "no" to after-school science workshop for my 1st grader because it will ultimately overlap with upcoming baseball practices.

Go forth and seek joy, my friends! And let me know how it's going.

How is your joy progress going? Is this plan working for you? What's working and what isn't?


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