8 Cheap Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

hot water bottle heart

Heart Warmer Hot Water Bottle at Spoon Sisters; $14.95

We've got eight cheap ways to stay warm this winter — and not just on Valentine's Day (*wink, wink*).

USB heating fingerless gloves

USB heating gloves at eCrater; $9.99

8 Cheap Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

  1. Fill up that hot water bottle.
  2. Good old fashioned snuggling - Say a real-close hello and how are you to your sweetie!
  3. Use a lap blanket - It's granny chic and WARM.
  4. Sip a hot beverage - make a big pot of tea and you'll forget you're cold for a little while.
  5. ToastiToes insole foot warmer ($1.99 for up to 9 hours of heat) - I even saw these at the grocery store.
  6. Chase your insubordinate toddler around the house.
  7. Bundle up — even inside — layers, scarves, fingerless gloves, slippers, Snuggie, yes!
  8. Use your kid's body heat - My seven-year old sits on my feet when they're cold, and he doesn't even charge me.

How do you stay warm on the cheap in the wintertime?

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