Sledding on Cookie Sheets & Other Household Items

cookie sheets

Photo from Target

CafeMom upintrees recently asked if anyone, as a kid, ever went "sledding on a cookie sheet or stock pot?"

As a California girl through and through, I found this rather fascinating. Especially when several others shared their favorite household sledding picks.


CafeMom kinzleysmommy sometimes used a "cleaned-up a trash can lid."

Knightquester added, "Yep, and trashcan lid, lol. We never had the money for a real sled and I always remembered being envious of others that did, but then again I know I went down hills mega fast on whatever I could find at home to sled down on."

Both Val504 and TiffanyLove18 used to use car hoods. Val504 says, "We would pile at least 10 people on at a time."

CafeMom srhmldndo also used "huge cookie sheets or garbage can lids!"

BlessedMommy64 said, "My Granddad used to take my Gramma's dryer apart and removed a big metal disk from the back for us to use. My Gramma never knew this, she just thought her dryer had an "attitude" and decided not to work every now and then. She's 98 and we still tease her about it."

That is a hilarious!

What household items does your family, childhood or current, use for sledding?


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