11 Laundry Detergents Moms Love

Sheri Reed | Jan 11, 2010 Home & Garden

What's your favorite laundry detergent and why?

  • all laundry detergent


    CafeMom MELRN uses all Fresh Rain.

    "I add a second rinse, and my softener and my dryer sheet are fragrance free. My kids have sensitive skin."

    SaraP1989 uses all Free and Clear for everything but her darks, and JeremysMom uses all Free and Clear on "all of our clothes except for my husband's uniform."

  • Arm & Hammer laundry detergent


    CafeMom itsjaimiehere says, "I use some really yummy smelling Arm & Hammer... I have tried sooo many and this one definitely works and smells the best."

  • Gain laundry detergent


    Both CafeMoms Armywifelovely and sunflower39346 use Gain!

    "Smells wonderful" they say.

    CafeMom ambr2006 is also a Gain fan. "Gain is the one I try to buy, but if my wallet is bare, I will buy whatever is cheapest. I notice my clothes only come clean with Gain."

  • Homemade laundry detergent


    CafeMom mom2queenie2004 makes her own laundry detergent. Here's her recipe:

    Homemade Laundry Detergent
    1 bar Fels-Naptha Soap, grated
    5 gallon bucket
    1 cup washing soda
    1 cup borax

    Melt the grated soap in about four cups water, pour into five-gallon bucket. Add washing soda and borax; top off with hot water. Stir well. Place lid on bucket and let it sit over night. You will end up with a thick, yellow gloppy gel. Mix it up and use 1 cup per large load. Some people will add lavender or some essential oil for smell while making it.

    Add 1/4 cup vinegar instead of fabric softener, and you are good to go!
  • Kirkland Signature (Costco) laundry detergent


    An anonymous mom uses Kirkland Signature detergent from Costco.

    "I love the stuff — works great at keeping my clothes clean (actually Consumer Reports rated one of the best detergents)."


  • Melaleuca MelaPower laundry detergent


    CafeMom Dew1 says, "MelaPower Fresh Scent works great and smells wonderful — also no harsh chemicals or irritants."

  • Purex laundry detergent


    CafeMom HaileyCass says she uses whatever laundry detergent "is on sale and I have a coupon for."

    "Right now, it's Ultra Purex Coldwater...it works great and saves money on energy."

  • Tide laundry detergent


    Another anonymous CafeMom says, "I use Tide Coldwater."

  • Waush laundry detergent


    An anonymous CafeMom says she uses Conklin Waush.

    "For stains/grease spots/anything that doesn't wash out the first time, I use Mox to 'pretreat.' These products work better than anything else I've ever used, without any of the harsh chemicals and nasty fillers that are in everything else (including the so-called 'free & clear' detergents)."

  • Woolite laundry detergent


    CafeMom SaraP1989 says, "For my darks, I use Woolite EXTRA Dark Care," and CafeMom JeremysMom uses Woolite for her husband's uniform.

  • Xtra laundry detergent


    CafeMom youngmom2004 uses Xtra laundry detergent.

    "It smells good and is cheap, and I like cheap."

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