Christmas Ornament Re-Use: Why Put Them Away?

paper ornaments

Photo by LuminousMom

Procrastinating putting away the holiday decorations? Well — hooray! We've got a good excuse for you NOT to pack up all the Christmas ornaments!


Truly, isn't it sad that all those lovely ornaments and decorations stay packed in boxes 11 months of the year? Well, Holly over at Real Simple gives us the perfect and lovely excuse not to pack all the ornaments away in her post: Using Ornaments After The Holidays.

Love the snowflake curtain. Perfect for all winter long. And LuminousMom's paper ornaments above look pretty cute on her chandelier.

Wish I'd left up my nature-inspired ornaments I made. They came out so beautifully. Of course, you couldn't pay me to take down my Birch Bark Wreath yet. I love it so... And my mantle is still rockin' the autumn garland like this I made too.

Do you have any holiday ornaments or decorations you leave up through the winter season or year-round?

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