Dogs Who Love Snow: Does Your Pooch Love Winter?

dog snow

Photo by All4my3boys

This happy dog running in the snow is about the cutest thing ever.

Does your dog love the snow or hate it and want to stay inside the warm house all winter?


The dog-owning moms in The CafeMom Newcomers Club discuss dogs and winter in the post: Do you have a hard time getting your dog to go outside in the cold?

Some dogs hate the snowy or rainy winter weather:

KyliesMom5 says: [My dogs] are wimps too when it comes to the cold or raining.

jcbruce_80 says: During the winter, my Beagle wants nothing more than to lay on my bed or the couch. Go outside??? You gotta be kidding!

Other dogs just can't get enough of the cold:

ColtonKeatonMom says: I have a hard time getting [my dogs] to come in. Even the little Chi-Weenie....I can pick him up and get him in, but he just cries at the door until I let him matter what weather.

lcappytan05 says: When it snows, [my dog] will sniff it and then go all crazy spastic running around in it...she is definitely something else.

AmaliaD says: I have an Australian Border Collie. She loves the snow and cold, hates the heat in the summer. Her fur on her paws grows about four inches long and protects her whole pad on her foot.  pretty awesome. 

What about your dog (or cat)? Rain or shine or shivering next to the heater?

Got photos of your dog or cat in the snow? Add it to our Pets in the Snow photo gallery.


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