Dogs Who Love Snow: Does Your Pooch Love Winter?

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dog snow

Photo by All4my3boys

This happy dog running in the snow is about the cutest thing ever.

Does your dog love the snow or hate it and want to stay inside the warm house all winter?

The dog-owning moms in The CafeMom Newcomers Club discuss dogs and winter in the post: Do you have a hard time getting your dog to go outside in the cold?

Some dogs hate the snowy or rainy winter weather:

KyliesMom5 says: [My dogs] are wimps too when it comes to the cold or raining.

jcbruce_80 says: During the winter, my Beagle wants nothing more than to lay on my bed or the couch. Go outside??? You gotta be kidding!

Other dogs just can't get enough of the cold:

ColtonKeatonMom says: I have a hard time getting [my dogs] to come in. Even the little Chi-Weenie....I can pick him up and get him in, but he just cries at the door until I let him matter what weather.

lcappytan05 says: When it snows, [my dog] will sniff it and then go all crazy spastic running around in it...she is definitely something else.

AmaliaD says: I have an Australian Border Collie. She loves the snow and cold, hates the heat in the summer. Her fur on her paws grows about four inches long and protects her whole pad on her foot.  pretty awesome. 

What about your dog (or cat)? Rain or shine or shivering next to the heater?

Got photos of your dog or cat in the snow? Add it to our Pets in the Snow photo gallery.


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Peajewel Peajewel

My dog likes to play with the snow.  She will toss a mouth full in the air and then jump up an catch it.  She will stay out for a good bit but when she is ready to come in, she will sit on a lounge chair that I still have outside and look up at the kitchen window.  She is a silly dog with a lot of personality. 

Cafe Kim Cafe Kim

My dog LOVES the snow, HATES the rain. The funny thing is, she seems to think that I (as her mommy) cause precipitation. So if it's snowing, she loves me and bounds around like a crazy animal in it. And if it's raining, she cowers under a bush and glares at me. I know you aren't supposed to assign human emotions to dogs, but seriously, it is funny stuff.

DogsMom DogsMom

My dogs too love a fresh snow or falling snow, but rain is something totally different.  They can smell the difference and will either bound out the door or sit sideways at the door and give me a look that says "You have got to be crazy. You expect me to go OUT in that?"

Bylinda Bylinda

I have have a lab/german shorthair mix and she loves the rain and snow, it's hilarious to watch her she like puts her nose into the snow then just plows into it and starts running all over. Oh yea and she is still trying to figure out why she can't find those dissapearing white balls when she catches them :) LOL Then I have a Minpin who looks at you like it's the end of the world when you say the outside word.She won't wear boots or shoes but she will only walk on two legs while she's in the snow, talent I tell you pure talent ;)

Acid Acid

My 9 year old Lab/Shepherd will tolerate the snow.  If its too deep, she gets a bit creeped out and won't go further than the driveway.

My 7 month old Black Russian Terrier hasn't seen a ton of snow, there isn't a lot here.  But, I took him to visit his breeder last weekend and she got dumped on.  He had so much fun playing in the snow. 

michi... michiganmom116

My Siberian Husky LOVES the snow but hates the cold.  Go figure.   He'll whine the worst of all three dogs if it's cold!

tazdvl tazdvl

My dog runs in the snow, lays in the snow, sits in the snow but will not poop or pee if her butt touches the snow when doing so.

sodapple sodapple

my dog loves snow but not rain, spring but not heatwaves. he just won't go out when it rain or shines much.

frysh... fryshannon34

Our little dog seems to be okay with the snow but sometimes if his feet get cold he will walk on 3 legs

ethan... ethans_momma06

My old dog was not in love with the cold and wet!

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