Hundreds of Ways to Organize With IKEA Shelves

Expedit Bookcase IKEA shelves

EXPEDIT Bookcase from IKEA

It's no secret IKEA shelves are some of the best, most affordable units for getting your home organized. But don't you want to see HOW and WHAT everyone is organizing with their IKEA shelving units? Now you can.


Check out the IKEA Shelves group on Flickr to see hundreds of ideas for organizing toys, books, kitchenware, bathroom goods, collectibles, craft materials, and even your retro mixer collection.

Plus, if you're getting ready to organize with IKEA shelves or storage units, watch the IKEA Sale going on now through January 10th, and including lots of one-day-only offers.

Are you working on getting your home organized — with or without IKEA shelving?


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