Find Joy in a More Balanced Life: My New Year's Resolution

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Photo by Cafe Sheri

For my 2010 New Year's Resolution, I'm resolving to find more joy in my life by focusing on balance.

When you're done laughing at my insanely difficult New Year's Resolution, won't you join me in this challenge?


Like most moms I know, I struggle daily to maintain balance between my family, my marriage, and my personal interests, as well as my work and my household (which, for me, occur in the same location). I know it's finding a better balance between all these areas of my life that can bring me the most joy.

But I'm not going to lie. When my editors told me I had to come up with a New Year's Resolution and follow its progress, I dug my heels right in. I scoffed in my mind. No one's going to force me to do something that might make my life better! Wait... Huh?

I figured I'd try. Why not, right? I only have to try. I'm working on a plan for maintaining a more joyful balance, and I can tell you the goals and steps are small. My motto will be progress not perfection. There will be failures. However, if I learn one single minute new way to add more joy and balance into my life, then it'll be worth it, right?

Coming soon — my joy resources, my first teeny tiny list of attainable goals, and more.

Will you join me in this challenge to find joy through balance? Who's in?


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