Top 20 Home & Garden Buzz Stories of 2009


We've put together the top 20 stories in 2009 from Home & Garden Buzz, which includes this $50 Kitchen Makeover by CafeMom Mom2torandis. What fun!

See what other posts got you talking this year!

The tough economy made 2009 for a rocky year for many families and home life. However, here in Home & Garden Buzz, you enjoyed answering fun questions about your homes, revealing your dirty little house secrets, doing it yourselves (and/or praising others who did it themselves!), and, as always, decorating and planning for the holidays. 

Top 20 Home & Garden Buzz Stories of 2009

20. Your Current Home: Love it or Hate It?

19. What's on Top of Your Refrigerator?

18. Recycling Peanut Butter Jars: How Clean Do They Have to Be?

17. Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

16. White Roofs Slow Global Warming

15. Cash for Refrigerators!

14. Raised Garden Beds: Everyone Seems to Want One

13. Funny "Nice Underwear" Doormat

12. How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan With a Pillowcase

11. Handmade Easter Basket Ideas from CafeMoms

10. Are the Less "Fortunate" Better Prepared in a Poor Economy?

9. Putting Up the Christmas Tree in Mid-November: Too Soon?

8. Which Direction Should the Toilet Paper Roll Face?

7. Messy House. Do You Blame the Kids?

6. An Unexpected Guest Calls: What Do You Clean First?

5. Do You Pre-Rinse Dishes Before Loading the Dishwasher?

4. The $50 Kitchen Makeover

3. Spooky Halloween Decoration: Front Door Bats

2. Painting Wood Floors White

1. Who Mows Your Lawn?

With 2010 about to begin, what home and garden topics do you want to talk about in the new year? What topics do you hope are behind us for good?


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