10 Handmade Gifts for Men

football team cans

Photo by ostera

Need a last-minute, low-budget DIY gift for him — that special guy in your life? Here are 10 ideas for some simple but special homemade gifts he will love.

  1. For the rabid sports fan, use this cool idea from CafeMom ostera -- a can of team spirit with "bad call" bricks to toss at the TV, as well as coasters and game snacks
  2. Make him a monogrammed doormat (he'll feel like king of the castle)
  3. Put together a family address book (great idea from CafeMom momiilu) or book of family birthdays to help keep uncles or grandpas in touch and on track in 2010 (use this easy DIY notebook pattern)
  4. Make dad or grandpa a cool stone tic tac toe set
  5. If you're handy in the kitchen and with the power tools, make his favorite sweet and deliver it on a homemade tree pedestal cake stand
  6. Show him you love him with a personalized box of curiosities
  7. Clean and organize his garage, office or other space (organize his tool cupboards with chalkboard paint, make a ladder bookshelf, and repurpose old drawers into a bookshelf)
  8. Make him an origami necktie (it's the knot that counts!)
  9. Create a personalized board game bulletin board (is he more of a Risk or a Candyland kind of guy?)
  10. Give food gifts in a jar (perfect for the bachelor who hates to cook)

Are you making something special for the men on your list?


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