Gourds: Making People and Birds Happy

Photo from unruly things

Gourds are adorable; let's face it. They make me smile.

Even Alyson's, of unruly things, small assortment lined up simply in the window sill thrills me to no end. *sigh* It's the perfect dose of Autumn inspiration.

And with a little craftiness, the amazing gourd can even outdo its own adorable wonder. Check out the pretty Gourd Bird Feeder project that mammak found after the jump.


Photo from Martha Stewart

OMG. Be still my heart. It's a bird and gourd lover's dream: the Gourd Bird Feeder.

mammak found this project on Martha Stewart's site and has posted Martha's full instructions for crafting the Gourd Bird Feeders in her thread in the For the love of Thanksgiving:) group (must be a CafeMom member to access).

I love the organic look of these little bird-friendly fellows.

Gourds can be purchased at small pumpkin and gourd farms.

Do you decorate or craft with gourds? Please share your gourd ideas with us.

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