Holiday Paper Pinwheels Craft Tutorial with LuminousMom

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It's homemade craft time again with CafeMom LuminousMom — she's back today with a Holiday Paper Pinwheel tutorial (have you made her Paper Ornaments or Christmas Cones yet?).

Use these DIY paper pinwheels for star-shaped decorations, as ornaments, or to embellish your gifts. Wait until you see how easy they are to make!


HOW TO: Holiday Pinwheels


Paper (the lighter the better; wrapping paper, printing paper, and scrapbook paper work well. Card stock tends to be too stiff. Origami paper works wonderfully because it is already a perfect square)
Mini brads (scrapbooking section of craft store)

Step 1: Cut your paper into squares; be as accurate as possible. Fold your paper over corner to corner (like a triangle) and make a crease. Then repeat for the other side.

Step 2: With your scissors, snip down the folded lines halfway to the center.  

Step 3: Pull up a corner. Push your brad through the corner; then repeat for all four corners, pulling them to the center and pushing the brad through. When the brad is pushed through all four corners, center the brad on the center of the square, push it through the back, and secure by opening the brad prongs.

Step 4: That's it! Use these holiday pinwheels as decorations for wrapped presents, use them on a wreath, hang them on some mono-filament (fishing line) as ornaments, or string them together to make a garland. You can even make a gorgeous mobile with them. We made 3-inch square, 4-inch square, and 6-inch square pinwheels as ornaments for our tree. They are quick, easy, and fun to make! If you glue or secure them to some painted dowels, they wont spin but will make an adorable "floral-esque" holiday arrangement.

So sweet and easy, LuminousMom. These pinwheels are good fun, and they look adorable. I'm thinking I might hang a few loose pinwheels at different levels in my front window. And yes, a pinwheel bouquet would be lovely in a red vase on the dessert table. Off to find some candy-striped paper...

Want more LuminousMom? You can visit her Luminous Boutique on Etsy. And stay tuned, because she'll be back here with more holiday craft goodness next week.

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