How Much Do Christmas Trees Cost?

ornament Christmas tree

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I'm wondering, what's the price of a live Christmas tree in your neck of the woods?

Happy Holidays. I see many of you have your holiday decorating underway and your Christmas trees up. Maybe you went to a local tree farm or, where we will go, the local Home Depot.

CafeMoms are currently talking about the cost of Christmas trees in a few Answers posts:

It sounds like the going rate for a live Christmas tree is between about $30 and $60. We usually pay $40-$50 for a 7- or 8-footer at Home Depot.

How much do you pay for your Christmas tree? Or do you have a fake tree you use?


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ashle... ashleyandjack

We got ours from a boy scout run area for only  $22.00.

Lumin... LuminousMom

I grew up on a Christmas tree farm and I can tell you exactly how much they cost, lol. $15 for a regular douglas fir. $20 for a large (over 7') douglas. $25 for a noble fir (my moms favorite but much slower growing). Man let me tell you... it was U-cut but we offered cutting service if people NEEDED it... once I had to cut down a 7' tree for this guy and his teenage son, both fully capable of cutting it down, and carried it to their car and helped them tie it down, and NO TIP! I about screamed. Now that we live in Utah, I have a fake tree. I will always love Christmas trees but I dont trust pre-cut trees, EVER, and I dont know any U-cuts here.

Toddl... ToddlerBrain82

Ours doesn't cost us anything, because we go out into our back field and cut one of our own :) There are benefits to living in the middle of nowhere!

CjsMa... CjsMama914

We go to a christmas tree farm and cut down our own. It was $25 and it's the most beautiful tree I've ever had. I will never get a pre cut tree again!

jennm... jennmarie77

We spent $48 on ours but we got two.  We got a concolor (terrific for the smell) and a douglas fir which needs to stop pouring its sap on me

jennm... jennmarie77

Oh and we went to a tree farm

athenax3 athenax3

I love our fake tree. Real ones are nice, but soo messy and a recurring expense, and the cats go crazy over them, and I'm afraid the dog might decide to "mark" it as well. yep, fake tree here- but it's a beauty!

tess-... tess-n-co

i've gotten trees for $19 at lowe's or home depot. but the really really good ones from home depot are roughly $45. we have family that still go to the tree farm and spend nearly $100 on a tree. i'm all for supporting local tree farmers, but with all the money that we spend on christmas.... we just can't afford it.

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Sometimes decorating a christmas tree can seem so complicated that you feel like singing "Uh oh christmas tree" rather than "Oh christmas tree. Whether you are decorating a natural evergreen or an artificial tree here are some tips for making the entire experience a little less disorganized.

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