More Fun With Wallpaper: Small Projects

After you read the Wallpaper Craze post, weren't you dying to pick up some extraordinary wallpaper and go to work? Or were you like, Nah, sorry, wallpaper's too much work...?

Here are some small-scale wallpaper projects if you want to enjoy just a splash of that extraordinary wallpaper in and around your home.

Line your drawers with wallpaper, for a little charm in an unexpected place:

Photo from Shabby Chic


Frame your favorite; it's wallpaper as art:

wallaper as art, frame

Photo from ikea hacker

Line the back of a bookcase with wallpaper for a pretty backdrop:

wallpaper, sewing table

Photo from sfgirlbythebay

Add a touch of lovely wallpaper to a small space for big show:

Photo from The Kitchn

Paper beneath a glass table to give it a brand new look:

Photo from simply stated

Wallpaper your computer desktop with a lovely vintage look:

Downloadable Wallpaper from Free People (via Decor 8)

Now you're all set to have some small-scale fun with that pretty wallpaper you love. A bit here, a bit there, and you're wallpaper happy.

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