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Photo from print a day

From downloadable holiday gift tags and Christmas gift tags to printable Christmas coloring pages for kids, printable gifts and more FREE holiday goodies — 'tis the season!

All of these festive printables can be downloaded from your computer.

Most are PDFs, which require Adobe Reader. Most require a color printer (black & white, in some cases), paper (cardstock or adhesive sheets mostly), scissors, and maybe tape or glue and some folding oomph.

All are FREE festive holiday fun, and that's pretty much everything. Happy Holidays!


Portable DIY Christmas Tree from keri smith

In this economy, not everyone can afford a Christmas tree. This DIY Paper Tree (with ornaments!) is a great way to spread the holiday joy to friends, family, and neighbors. Print out the PDFs, let the kids help color the ornaments, glue and deliver. Holiday sweetness!

And check out these other wonderful freebies!


gift tags printable

Photo from fresh picked whimsy

Photo Holiday Cards + Labels, Gift Tags, Pillow Box Gift Wrappers + at Creature Comforts

Gift Tags for Food Gifts via The Kitchn

Holiday Gift Tags and Downloadable Holiday Cards at ohdeedoh

Handmade Gift Labels by Prudent Baby

Festive & Red Downloadable Labels at poppytalk

Kids Color Holiday Gift Tags from Nestlé

Holiday Gift Tags (shown above) from fresh picked whimsy

Deer Gift Tags from 74 Lime Lane

Pillowbox Gift Wrapper from up up, the blog

Christmas Gift Tags and To-Do Lists at a print a day


bird bookmarks

Printable bird bookmarks via How about orange...

Matryoshka Calendar at a print a day

2010 DADA Calendar from littlebrownpen

Printable Paper Toys (Max, Moishe, Sipi) from Where The Wild Things Are at Toy-A-Day

Printable Photo Gallery from Pioneer Woman

Create Positive Change Cards by kind over matter

Printable Bird Bookmarks at How about orange...

Printable Moustaches from A Beautiful Mess

Antique Butterfly Bookplates from Blah,Blah,Blahg

Triangle Recipe Cards from The Small Object


snowflake garland

Snowflake garland from Curbly

Festive Kids Color Cards (display using Legos; awesome!) from Filth Wizardry 

Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids at Free Coloring Pages

Holiday Garland from Angry Chicken

Mod Paper Snowflake Garland from Curbly

Joy Cones from The Long Thread

Paper Evergreens from Martha Stewart

Free Holiday Music Downloads:

25 Days of Free Holiday Music Downloads at Amazon (via Deal Seeking Mom)

Printable CD Sleeve (for that mix CD gift) via Smile and Wave


LAST YEAR'S FREE PRINTABLES (oldies, goodies and still available for download):

Ashley G's Gift Tags at Kitty Genius

Bird Holiday Tags from LollyChops

Cool Tree Flip Book from UNIFORM Studio (great stocking stuffer!)

Vintage Paper Dolls & Sewing Cards at Bella Dia (another stocking stuffer!)

Sweet Little Desk Calendar via poppytalk

Botanical Calendar at a print a day 

Recipe Card Templates at The Messy Vegetarian Cook (via carrie_grace)

Have you found any cool holiday printables this year?

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jgal29 jgal29

Thank u some of those are adorable

eeyor... eeyoreplus4

Cute :) I make my own tags too :)

Cafe... Cafe Jenn

Cafe Sheri, you find some of the best links. 

Now to remember not to buy the cheap, everyday gift tags after Chrsitmas this year, then I can print some of these out ot use next year.

Cafe... Cafe Jenn

Haha,  I helped my son's preschool yesterday wrap gifts from their Santa Secret Shop and they ran out of the gift tags, so I donated the ones I had at home for them. 

Now I can take advantage of these links this year :-)

toola toola

thank you!

Carey... Carey2006

I think last year I found a site with Thomas the train printable tags.......I sure hope I bookmarked it!!!!!!!!

Josh Evora

This is awesome. All I have to do is print this right? I have a good printer at home with a cheap ink cartridge. I think its enough to print a good quality item like this. Im excited to do this. This is very helpful.

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