Christmas Cones Craft Tutorial with LuminousMom

christmas cone diy

CafeMom LuminousMom is back today with a Christmas Cone tutorial (have you made her Paper Ornaments yet?). Fill these paper cones up with holiday sweets and treats and use them for decoration and gift giving.



HOW TO: Christmas Cones


Square piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper (I used 12-inch)
Double stick tape, glue dots, or gluestick
Hole punch
Candy or goodies for filling your cones
Optional: Protractor (to make a circle; I just eyeballed my circle and it turned out okay)

Step 1: Make a circle on your paper as large as you can. My circle was 12 inches across, which makes for a 6-inch tall cone. You can make larger or smaller cones depending on your paper size.


Step 2: Cut the circle out. Trace a line from one edge to the center of your circle. Then trace out from the center to the edge again, cutting around a 1/3 chunk out of your circle (this does not need to be exact; just "guesstimate"!).

Step 3: Overlap your two edges to form your cone. The two cut ends should line up, making your entire cone a double thickness of paper. Use double stick tape, glue dots, or gluestick (you will have to let it sit for awhile if you use glue) to secure the cone in position.

Step 4: Punch two holes — on opposite sides — tie knots inside the cone with one side of your ribbon and repeat for the other side.

Fill and enjoy! I am hanging one from my front doorknob, but I can see them being used in classrooms, cubicles at work, and for secret Santa gift giving! If you use a large enough piece of paper, like those giant sheets of cardstock in the school supplies area of your local store, you could even use them as alternatives to stockings.

Excellent, LuminousMom. And again with the simple holiday crafts we all love! Filled with holiday goodies, these cones would make nice drop-off gifts for the neighbors.

Want more LuminousMom? You can visit her Luminous Boutique on Etsy. And stay tuned, because she'll be back here with more holiday craft goodness next week.

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