Is Bleach Burning a Hole in More Than Just Your Pocket?

toddler in laundry basket

Photo by JayGirlsMom

The following is a guest post from our sponsor Clorox.

Most of us know bleach is an effective household cleaner and laundry aid, but there are still many misconceptions about bleach. Here's a myth and a fact from the makers of Clorox® Bleach about whether bleach wears out clothes faster than regular detergent alone. 

MYTH: Bleach will wear down fabric and shorten its lifespan.


FACT: When used as directed, bleach won't affect fabric life. Tests show that even after 50 wash cycles, fabric washed in laundry detergent with Clorox® bleach remains just as resilient as fabric washed in laundry detergent alone. So feel free to use bleach to whiten the load.

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