Oven Mitts Can Be Beautiful

birds oven mittoven glove rainbowpot holder yellow daisyblue floral oven grip

Who says oven mitts can't be beautiful? Not the artists at Envelop. Aren't these the most lovely oven gloves you've ever seen?


Envelop is an online print-on-demand platform where approved illustrators can create, promote, and sell high-quality cotton items to textile lovers (ME!) worldwide. In return, customers can get 100% pure cotton textiles from unique designers.

Such HOT designs, my friends. H-O-T.

Shown above (left to right, line by line):

Burnt Birds Oven Glove: 15.99 Euros

Main Chaude Oven Glove: 15.99 Euros

Lazy Daisy Cake Oven Glove: 15.99 Euros

Fleurs Blue Oven Glove: 15.99 Euros


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