Giving Thanks With a Gratitude List

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Photo by Cafe Sheri

While Thanksgiving day is the "official" day set aside for giving thanks, I try throughout the year to stop and give thanks often and to make regular gratitude lists when I'm feeling cranky or lost.

However, on this day, this is the day I like to look at the big picture.


In this year, which started off with my husband's job layoff, I find that my gratitude list is pretty simple. It's the core things that really matter and not just in these rotten economic times but every single day.

Without our core needs being met, we have nothing.

Thanksgiving "G-List" 2009:

  • My healthy, loving husband and two happy, healthy boys
  • My own good health and happiness
  • Employment, my husband's new job and my own ongoing employment
  • Home, small and wonderful with a heater that works!
  • Food on the table, often simple but always filling
  • Our dear family and friends and their health and happiness
  • Love, it's all around me

And thank you, Daily Buzz readers, for keeping this space on CafeMom fun with lively chatter and all kinds of opinions and kindness. I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.

What are you most thankful for today?


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