DIY Holiday Gifts: Box of Curiosities & Love

box of curiosities

Photo from Cafe Sheri

This box of curiosities was a homemade gift I put together for my good pal Melissa last holiday season. I filled it with little found and collected curiosities that I knew would make her smile.


Along the same lines, CafeMom emslala recently posted about Love Jars in the handmade holidays group. Love jars are repurposed containers filled with "love" (little notes, affirmations, or quotes), decorated, and given as a gift. You could add in some trinkets, found objects, or small gifts as well.

Another friend of mine found a cool old secondhand recipe box and filled it with her best recipes for a friend. I prefer my gifts already baked, if you're a baker. :)

Fill a box or jar or other clean receptacle with love and found or homemade goodness, and it makes the best gift, which also happens to be awesomely affordable.

My friend Melissa is a writer, a horse lover, a foodie, and a lover of small curious finds. So inside her box, I tucked:

  • A wooden "M" and Christmas tree from Casey's Wood Products
  • This cool Tree Flip Book from UNIFORM Studio (free, printable download)
  • This awesome Artist's Survival Kit from Keri Smith (free, printable download)
  • A few cute stickers from one of my favorite shops The Small Object
  • A toy horse that my oldest son wanted to gift to Melissa from his collection
  • A vintage cowboy playing card, saved from a jewelry purchase
  • A nice, smooth rock
  • A thumbtack made pretty with a few old buttons
  • A cool miniature pine cone
  • A magnet with some writerly advice
  • A small antique crystal salt dish from my collection

I know nothing makes me feel more loved than a personal, homemade gift like this one, so it was a pleasure to make and give away. Among my own favorite gifts: a painting from my husband, a set of watercolor paintings from my son Clyde, a sticker and crayon decorated doily from my son Leo, a cross-stitch owl from my friend Amy, and a tiny owl painting from Melissa.

Good gifts don't have to cost much. It's the THOUGHT that counts. Truly...

What kinds of LOVE gifts are you giving this holiday season?


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