Homemade Paper Ornaments Craft Tutorial with LuminousMom

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Let the winter holiday crafting begin (I mean, if you're into that...LOL...)!

CafeMom LuminousMom is a mama crafter extraordinaire, and she's agreed to share a few "how tos" for simple homemade holiday crafts this month. Today, tutorials for making two kinds of paper ornaments for your holiday decorating — mod snowflakes and retro design ornaments.


Take it away, LuminousMom...

HOW TO: Mod Snowflake Paper Ornaments

Printer paper (wrapping paper would work. Cardstock is too heavy)
Glue dots or double stick tape

Step 1: Cut 1-inch strips of paper, 8.5 inches long. So using a regular piece of printer paper, you should have 11 strips.

Step 2: Stack the strips up and staple at the center.

Step 3: Bring one end of a single strip to the center and place a glue dot, secure. Bring another strip and secure to the loop you just made.
Step 4: Repeat for all 22 ends. You can either leave them rounded or pinch the ends for more crisp and pointed edges.

These are quick and affordable to make! We are sticking with a white Christmas theme for my tree so we only made white; however, they look great in every color!

Step 5: Hang them from monofilament (fishing line) or an ornament hook.

HOW TO: Retro Design Paper Ornaments

Cardstock or stiff paper (flimsy paper won't work)

Step 1: For each ornament, you will need 7 - 1-inch wide strips of paper. The length of the strips will vary. You need: 1 - 6-inch strip; 2 - 7-inch strips; 2 - 9-inch strips; 2 - 11-inch strips.

Step 2: Make a sandwich with the strips of paper in this order: 11-inch to the outside, then 9-inch, then 7-inch, and 6-inch in the middle; line up one end and staple.

Step 3: Pull the center piece flush with the end of the longest piece and line them all up, staple the other end. This part is a bit difficult, so if you find it too hard to make them all stay flush, you can secure with double stick tape or glue dots. Once we got the hang of it, we found it easier to do.

Step 4: Hang them with mono filament (fishing line), ornament hooks, or create a mobile effect like we did by hanging them from the chandelier.

Tip: We made smaller retro ornaments by just cutting the strip length in half... example: center strip 3 inches instead of 6 inches and so on. They are a little more difficult to make but very cute!

These are awesome, LuminousMom. And so simple, which I love! I want to make and hang the white snowflakes in my front window.

Want more LuminousMom? You can visit her Luminous Boutique on Etsy. And stay tuned, because she'll be back here with more holiday craft goodness real soon.

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