Natural-Fiber Bags Help Decrease Poverty in Laos

  Nature Bags traditional natural fiber totestriped bag laotian handmade bag

The Khmu ethnic group of Laos have been handmaking these gorgeous, eco-friendly and natural-fiber bags (now named Nature Bags) for centuries.

And now, as part of a poverty reduction project for the region, you can help support the work of this impoverished group of handcrafters, whose region has one of the lowest per capita income levels in the world.


In a project aimed at sustaining this impoverished region for years to come, the Khmu villagers are now producing Nature Bags for sale to others. The program is headed by young Lao student Bonsou Keoamphone, the son of a poor rice farmer in Northern Laos.

About Nature Bags:

  • Made from wild-growing, organic tropical Kudzu, a naturally growing, hearty perennial vine
  • One of a kind and handmade in Laos (see a video on how they're made)
  • Stretchable and expandable
  • Lightweight but extremely strong
  • Biodegradable and virtually mold resistant
  • Natural colors range from very light tan to medium-dark brown. 
  • Mesh design permits airflow, perfect for carrying fruits and vegetables 
  • Sizes range from 10 x 6 inches to 24 x 12 inches
  • Prices range from $10 - $76

A lovely, humanitarian buy and perfect holiday gift for your stylish and earth-loving friends and family members.


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