Gratitude Cranes: A Pretty Thanksgiving Tradition

cranes thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving, I wrote about the fun tradition of creating a gratitude tree. Here's a new idea for gathering your gratitude in a colorful and birdy-ful way.


I was at a baptism over the weekend and the church had hung a special collection of origami cranes from the parishioners. Everyone wrote a prayer inside. Aren't they beautiful?

cranes thanksgiving

This would be a great idea for collecting thanks or prayers in your home on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Give each family member or guest a piece of origami paper (found at most craft stores or even Target or Wal-Mart).
  2. Have each person write a gratitude/hope/prayer inside.
  3. Fold the papers into pretty cranes (here's an origami crane video tutorial; also love the swallows or the swans).
  4. Or better yet, have the big kids do the folding part!
  5. Hang the colorful cranes in a sunny window, on a indoor tree or plant, or from the ceiling. Display them in a large bowl or save them for your Christmas tree.

So pretty — and a lovely reminder about the true meaning of the holiday.

On Thanksgiving, does your family have a tradition of sharing or honoring its gratitude? Do you share at the table, write a few things down, or something else?


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