Wallpaper Craze: Not Your Mother's Wallpaper

Photo from A Cup of Jo

Over in Answers, Cheyanne-mom wants to know how to remove wallpaper. Not a fun task by the looks of MamaMandee's photo of wallpaper removal.

Well, guess what, friends? Wallpaper is back! And this isn't the ugly wallpaper of yesteryear. It's GORGEOUS, stylish, and, in some cases, becomes THE design factor in your favorite room.


Wallpaper has taken on new life. Not just stuffy floral patterns and fuzzy velvet brocade anymore, now there are bold colors and modern nature-inspired designs, like the lovely patterns from ferm LIVING

Even wallpaper borders have come up a notch in sophistication. Check out this pretty tree-lined border shown on Apartment Therapy SF:

Check out the latest in the wallpaper craze.

Wallpaper that fixes walls:

Photo from Dwell

Wallpaper that's eco-friendly:

Photo from TreeHugger

Faux mirror ala wallpaper:

Faux bookcase ala wallpaper:

Photo from Design*Sponge

Now this is wallpaper I can really wrap around my mind (har! har!). Stay tuned for future posts on the wallpaper craze. Seriously, it's everywhere.

Do you do wallpaper? Tell us all about it.

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