10 Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving Table

Sheri Reed

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Thanksgiving table

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Going greener on Thanksgiving doesn't mean you have to give up the indulgence of the day! Indulge in good food and time with family and friends.

Don't indulge in waste wherever can!

Here are some simple tips for making your holiday a little more eco-friendly.


10 Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving Table

  1. Skip the new decorations. Reuse and recycle prior years' decorations, craft some, buy used ones, or swap decorations with a friend.
  2. Make centerpieces, wreaths, and place cards from nature instead of buying cut flowers.
  3. If you must buy decorations like table linens, napkins, and such, steer clear of turkeys and pilgrims and opt for neutrals or autumn colors that can be used for other occasions throughout the year
  4. Need more seating? Repurpose an alternate piece of furniture for more eating space and mix and match chairs.
  5. Rent tables and chairs rather than buying new ones you don't need. It's fairly inexpensive and rental companies usually deliver and pick up.
  6. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones (and cloth towels instead of paper towels)
  7. Thrift shop for dinner plates instead of buying and disposing of plastic or paper plates for a large crowd. Collect a cool set of mismatched plates from local thrift stores or collect plates in all one color: white, clear, shades of orange, etc.
  8. Do your cleaning and clean-up with green household cleaners.
  9. Serve seasonal local foods wherever possible.
  10. Save spaghetti sauce jars and other food containers with lids for leftovers for home and for your guests to take home, instead of using Ziplocs.

Do you have any green ideas for the Thanksgiving table? Do share.


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