Putting Up the Christmas Tree in Mid-November: Too Soon?


Christmas tree lights

Photo by forevermom75

Do You Think It's Too Early To Put Up Your Christmas tree?: that's the question CafeMoms are discussing over in Advice for Moms.

So far the "Yes" vote is winning (although about 35% of you say "No, it's *not* too early").

What's about in your home?


Since we get a real Christmas tree every year and the trees never seem to thrive in our house (hello, pine needles EVERYWHERE), it's way too soon for us to get our tree. I did have an egg nog latte the other day though. Mmm, 'tis the season!

Are you raring to go full force into holiday shopping and holiday decorating? Or do you want to wait until after Thanksgiving to get started? Maybe you even wait all the way up until the week of Christmas to decorate?

For you early birds, here in one CafeMom's Christmas tree for you to enjoy.

What kind of holiday decorator are you: fanatic, steady as she goes, or total procrastinator?


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