A Boy and His Dog: Nap Partners

Thought this short story from CafeMom EsmeVincent about a boy, his dog, and a shared midday nap was so adorable.

"The Friday before Halloween, we were getting ready for naptime (my almost-two-year old ds Brandon, dh, and me)... I went to get Brandon some water and when I walked into the room, I saw this.


'Dog Dog' (aka Toby, our four-year old beagle basset mix) needed to be with Brandon, so dh put him in the crib with him. Toby was SOOO comfy he really didn't want to get out.

(We knew that if there was ever gonna actually be a nap, Toby had to get out of the crib.)

Brandon LOVED every second of it. He loves his 'Dog Dog,' and 'Dog Dog' " loves him and protects him... Plus, Toby knows Brandon is a good source of food. :)"

dog asleep in crib

Toby the dog snoozing in Brandon's crib

toddler crib bed

Brandon, so happy about his four-legged crib mate

Too cute!

Does your family pet insist on sleeping in bed with your kids?

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