No Impact Man: Saving the Planet, Driving His Family Crazy

No Impact Man is the new documentary chronicling eco-obsessed New York City writer Colin Beavan and his family's radical upheaval of their big city lifestyle (his wife Michelle and toddler in what looks like sheer guilt and intimidation). The goal? Go one year without leaving a carbon footprint.


I'm exhausted just thinking about such radical change on my own, let alone while raising a child. Is this really the way to going green?

Not to mention, is this even remotely possible for most American families who have to, you know, get to work and take care of their families day to day, which means counting on basic transportation methods, buying milk in a plastic container, and using electricity.

If nothing else, though, Colin and his family have gone to an extreme that the rest of us can learn from (and pick and choose from...). No doubt many of his methods in deprivation can be adopted in smaller ways by the rest of us.

Are you going to see No Impact Man, have you read the No Impact Man book, or have you been following Colin Beavan's blog?

Have you changed your lifestyle an any one extreme and greener way in the name of saving the planet?

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