Recycle Old Furniture Into a Pretty Wall Unit

Thomas Wold wall unit furniture Thomas Wold white wall unit
That's what furniture designer Thomas Wold has done!

Aren't these two wall units incredible? They're constructed with lots of recycled drawer fronts and other pieces of furniture.


This seems like it could be a wonderful DIY project for the extra creative and extra talented. For pieces this elaborate, you need to have a good eye for detail, design, and material collaboration, as well as some construction expertise, especially for stability and safety sake!

But I can't help but drool and love the eco-value of such a project — genius creative reuse that puts old furniture back into play in a lovely way. Check out Thomas's Piecemeal Coffee Table too. *sigh*

Photos by: Markham Johnson

Have you ever tried to mix and match two pieces of furniture? Did it work?


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