Note to My Readers


autumn trees leaves

Photo by AshBayGrammy

Hi, friends of Home & Garden Buzz,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you.



Your comments have been so fun and lively lately. I'm loving it.

I hope that you know your feedback to our posts is what keeps Daily Buzz going. While we try our best to find things that you'll like or that will get you talking (or laughing), it's always good to hear what you think, what you like, and where you take a pass.

Even though I don't respond to all you comments, I read every single one of your comments daily. I love them! So keep them coming...and keep reading. We love having all of you and your unique perspectives here each day.

Two more things:

We are lucky to have two experts paying us regular visits in Home & Garden Buzz — financial expert Jean Chatzky and HGTV handyman Anthony Gilardi.

I hope you'll head over and leave a finance or money question for Jean or a home repair and improvement question for Anthony. They're here to give us FREE ADVICE, mamas! So we just need your questions.

If you'd like to post a question anonymously, you can always PM the question to me, and I'll post it without your screenname.

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