It's My Birthday: Wishful Wish Listing #2

  yellow check pillow bored embroidery Joetta Mauejet set storage bench  summer squares watercolor Heather Smith Jones

Just like last year on my birthday, this year on my birthday (TODAY!), I'm going to share some of the things I want want want.

Half the fun of wanting is sharing in the wants. So I'm going to share with you.


Sheri's Birthday Wish List for the Home:

  1. Yellow Check Pillow from Flock Home (shown above)
  2. "bored" hand embroidered linen by Joetta Maue (shown above)
  3. Jet Set Storage Bench from Urban Outfitters (shown above)
  4. Summer Squares, Seven watercolor painting by Heather Smith Jones (shown above)
  5. Ektorp Sofa (gray)
  6. Bråviken Sink (and a bathroom remodel)
  7. Round Teapot (grey)
  8. Vintage Swedish Wooden Tray
  9. A tin of Green Peony
  10. Chickadee Tea Towel
  11. Artful Blogging subscription
  12. Tivoli Radio
  13. Avian Card Set
  14. Custom embroidered artwork of my home
  15. Healthy, happy home and world peace (and many more!)

I'll stop while I'm ahead and tell you the truth. I already have everything I need on this birthday. All I can truly wish for is more of the same in the years to come.

Okay, now wish me a happy birthday, okay?

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