It's My Birthday: Wishful Wish Listing

Cafe Sheri, liked cake then, likes cake now

Like most families right now, mine is trying to cut back on spending, save money, and buy less STUFF we don't need. But it's also MY BIRTHDAY today!

I do find that making and sharing my wish lists somewhat curbs my appetite for wanting stuff. I like to think of it as my own eco-friendly way of getting around my deeply ingrained lust for buying pretty things for my home.


My Wishful Birthday Wish List:

Ah, I feel better already. Happy birthday to me! It is just a theoretical Wish List. One can go all out when it's just wishful thinking, right?

Read an interview with my Mom about my Election Day birthday over in Pregnancy Buzz.

Does making and/or sharing your wishes make you want them less? How do you satisfy your "wants" during tough economic times.

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