Excess Halloween Candy: Save It for Holiday Crafts

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All that Halloween candy is going to come in the door on Saturday night and then what? And what about your own leftover bowl full?

They can eat it all. YOU can eat it all.

OR, you can save some of it for your upcoming holiday crafts.


Over in the handmade holidays group, two CafeMoms suggest a few ways to use Halloween candy for holiday crafts:

justgrape723 suggests: If you just give the kids some of the Halloween candy they get from trick or treating and freeze the rest (keeps everyone from eating it and it helps it to not get so stale), you can then use what you have frozen for decorations on your Christmas gingerbread house. I know my son gets tons of candy he would never be able to eat it all. So we are saving the excess to put the finishing touches to our Christmas gingerbread house.

Garciamommyof3 says: We also use our Halloween candy for our advent calendar chains. We wrap a piece of candy for each of our girls in cellophane for each day from Thanksgiving to Christmas and tie ribbon in between the sets. Then I print out cute Christmas tags with numbers on them and place them on the sections to count down the days until Christmas. It helps get rid of a lot of the candy and limits how much they eat. Sometimes if we had a really good trick or treat year, we make them for our friends and family members with young kids.

Great ideas for Halloween candy overage, mamas! I like the way you think.

Do you have any crafty ideas for your excess Halloween candy?


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