Budget-Friendly Tips From Designer Stephen Saint-Onge

Stephen Saint-Onge

Designer Stephen Saint-Onge

Designer Stephen Saint-Onge is definitely a down-to-earth family man. As a husband and father, he definitely understands the design expectations (and limitations) for the everyday family home.

Which is helpful to me because, no matter how much I adore the designs in my favorite magazines, sometimes they're just not attainable, even for a "cheaper" version of it.

He gave me some tips that we can all use in making our homes feel like new, without breaking the bank.

  1. Choose the area: Don’t overwhelm yourself by tackling big spaces. Focus on an attainable area that you experience everyday and make sure it’s something you can transform easily. Add an eye-catching piece that is the central focus of the room. It’ll brighten up your day and motivate you to do more.
  2. Lose the clutter: Don't we all fear those moments of “Shoot, I can’t believe I threw that out, I could really use it right now,”? Stephen’s advice, “just let go.” Once you’ve accepted it, you’re more likely to throw things out instead of hoarding them for that one-time use a year from now.
  3. Have fun and rearrange: Whether it’s as small as a countertop or as large as a full room, play around with pieces that you love. Stephen recommends taking everything off (or out) to see the basic area and slowly build from there. “First, bring back only the items you truly love, and then build off of that. For kitchen surfaces, start with a daily use product like a coffee station and arrange from there.”
  4. Shop your house: You can take items you already have and make them new again. Try placing that painting above your couch in your bedroom. Break out those lamps stored in the attic and replace the shades.
  5. Treat yourself: After your done, and you look at your room and think, “It just needs a pair of throw pillows to make it look complete,” then don’t be afraid to splurge. It’s okay every once in awhile.

Do you ever practice any of these tips? How do you make your home feel like new without spending a lot of money?

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Lumin... LuminousMom

I do them all! I love moving things around... taking a mirror from one room into another changes the whole room.. or just adding new pillows or a new throw can change the whole color palate into something fun for the season. Clutter is my enemy... so I agree with him wholeheartedly on that. Simply getting rid of some crap I dont use anymore can make my house feel completely new.. just this week we donated 3 garbage bags of clothes, two giant boxes of toys, and a big pile of books. We dont and wont miss any of it.. and our house feels lighter already.

DogsMom DogsMom

I miss seeing him on tv, altho I have not really thought about it until you brought it to my attention.  He was one of my favorites. Is he on any design shows now?

I am constantly changing things up, however I have a family that feels once you find a place for something it should never move...  Except that when they take something out it never goes back where it belongs.     But move a chair or think about new drapes?  How dare I!  and yet I do.  I think design can always be improved.

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