Is It a Crime to Go Naked at Home?

window shadow

Photo by Cafe Sheri

After being seen through his window naked and alone in his home, a Fairfax man is facing up to one year in jail.

I'm curious could you be at risk of a similar offense?


Okay, we've all done it. Dashed across the house from the shower to the bedroom in the nude, with the potential risk that a neighbor or passersby catch a glimpse of us in our birthday suits. Well, haven't we? I mean, eh em, I've heard about people who do such things. LOL.

Of course, Eric Williamson, the man who got busted when a woman and her 7-year old caught sight of his naked best, was supposedly removing a picture from the wall or something. But that's all we know. I do wonder, was that picture conveniently hanging right above the front window? freak-o-meter is definitely on orange alert with that story.

This is just the kind of oddball case that invokes crazy media attention, but we really know what's right or wrong. I'm not about to report someone if I saw them streak to their laundry room for a warm towel (after all, that means I was peering in their window pretty hard). However, if I'm on the sidewalk and I happen to see my neighbor full frontal in the front window (and don't you dare, neighbor!), you can bet I'm calling the law.

So tell the truth. Are you at risk of jail time for quick naked dashes to the shower? Or are you super cautious when you're streaking around the house in the nude?


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