The 2009 White House: How Will the New President Redecorate?

Photo by Daphnee925

Curious to see how the new President and his family will redecorate the White House?

Well, I invited Cortney Novogratz, half of the husband/wife design team SIXX DESIGN and mom of 6 (about to be 7), to share her vision for the new White House—McCain or Obama style!


Here are some of the possibilities Cortney envisions for the 2009 White House:

The McCain White House

If John and Cindy McCain make it to the White House, their interior design would be very simple and classic. John McCain would keep the place 90% the same as his buddy, George W, but would make some changes to reflect less Wild West Texas and more Zen Arizona Southwestern colors. Cindy would definitely need to turn entire rooms into a gigantic walk-in closet for her fabulous, designer clothes that would be the envy of every woman in America. She seems like a pretty organized running mate, so no doubt, she would go for a serious closet organization system. Wanting to be more populist would point her in the direction of Home Depot's closet storage. The closet would have to be a neutral color so it would not clash with Cindy’s many jewel-toned suits and frocks, and John McCain would want her to use eco-friendly paint. As a tribute to the VP, the McCains would turn some of those unused state rooms into a gun range where she and First Dude Todd could treat the First Family to a little target practice. That room would have to have lots of wood paneling, a big fire place, and moose heads hanging from the wall. And certainly, they'd need a special guest bedroom, decorated from Martha Stewart’s K-Mart Collection for Joe the Plumber, who would come often.

The Obama White House

If Barak and Michelle Obama make it to the White House, their interior design would be all about making changes. Lots of them! Much needed ones. First, they would fix all the structural problems with the place, from top to bottom. It would also have to be kid-friendly and warm and comfortable, with lots of primary colors, like those from Crayola Colors. The kids would need an amazing media room, so they could watch Nickelodeon and Disney shows all the time! They would want to redo the stuffy, old library, and bring it up to date, full of computers, so that it could be a modern learning center. I would let the Obama girls help design their own rooms so they would not feel so far away from their home in Chicago. The garden would be turned into a paradise for the girls to play in. Perhaps a Cedarworks swing set, games, many fun things. The plan would be to open up the home as much as possible, not just for the family, but for all the people who want to visit. And to make the White House much more relaxed. Michelle and Barak would probably be open to more updates of the White House as needed.

Cortney Novogratz

Thanks, Cortney for the fun walk through.

Cortney and her husband Robert's new book Downtown Chic: Designing Your Dream Home from Wreck to Ravishing is due out April 2009.


Do you have more ideas for how to redecorate the White House? How would you McCain the Oval Office? Obama the White House library?

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