What Are Your Favorite Holiday Traditions?

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CafeMom ohiomommyof2 recently shared with me one of her family's holiday traditions:

"Every year since my son was born, we've sat down, after baths, as a family on Christmas Eve and read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to our kids. My son loves it and is now at the age where he's learning to read, so this year should be even more fun."

How does your family celebrate the holiday?


CafeMom McQueeney also shared a unique holiday tradition from her family:

"Growing up, my Grandfather worked for a Jewish man. Since the man didn't celebrate Christmas but had employees who did, each year his "Christmas Party" was a deli spread. There were cheeseballs, kosher meats, cookies, and all kinds of breads. My father's family adopted this tradition and so did my immediate family.

Each year on Christmas Eve, we would have a HUGE spread of pastrami, corned beef, rye bread, dips, veggies, pickle trays, and Christmas cookies! I think we enjoyed that meal more than Christmas Dinner!

Now that I have my own family and don't eat meat, we've changed it a bit. Hubby's family opened presents on Christmas Day, but my family always exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve after dinner. Then Santa would come that night and leave his presents for Christmas morning. So now my husband and I stay up until midnight, have cheese and crackers and dips and stuff to munch on, toast some champagne, and open presents together. Then our little one gets up on Christmas morning and opens his presents. We get great family time and a sweet midnight 'date' just for us at the same time!"

Wow, McQueeney, that's an excellent story of how holiday traditions are born.

Whether it's dinners or parties with family and friends, making holiday sweets and treats, sharing special stories, or exchanging gifts throughout the season, we all have holiday traditions we share this time of year.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?


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