Entryway Shoe & Coat Storage Ideas


Over in the Design on a Dime Moms group, CafeMom sourmom2 is looking for a way to store shoes and coats in her entryway. She doesn't have a mud room or coat closet, so she needs to get creative with storage.

I found this Corner Bench & Shelf (at right) and several other options around the web, and maybe you have some organization ideas for her too!

Whether you're a socks-only household and need daily shoe storage options or you're just gearing up for all the winter garment shed, entryway storage can be tricky, especially if you don't have a lot of space to utilize.

What's great about a lot of these options is they can be DIY'd if you're handy or found used and/or cheaper.

This super minimal idea, found on not martha, consists of hanging a simple coat hanger and a DIY shoe rack below. This is a great way to use a small corner for your shoe and coat storage. If you don't want to DIY the shoe shelves, IKEA has several affordable shoe rack options that could work similarly.

DIY shoe rack coat rack

Photo from not martha

This Multi-Bin Organizer is a great catch-all for shoes, coats, umbrellas, gloves, and hats; however, you'll need a little space for this piece.

A simple bench that also doubles as shoe storage, when paired with a simple coat rack or coat/hat rack, can work well to contain all your entryway clutter:

Tjusig bench shoe storage

Tjusig Bench with shoe storage, $79.99

For a smaller space, use baskets or a large attractive pot to contain shoes. Or stack a couple old but sturdy vintage boxes (see below), crates, or repurposed drawers on their sides for simple shoe storage. Mix-and-match cubbies, boxes, crates, or drawers can be used to create custom-sized stacked storage. Add wheels to create moveable storage boxes.

If your home's entryway space is minimal and you don't have a mudroom, how do you keep shoes and/or coats and winter garments organized?


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momof... momoflilangel

Cute corner idea. We are a shoes off at the door family. We put our shoes in the closet right next to the front door. That is also where we hang our jackets. And there is a country bench by the door for you to sit on if you need to.

Sassy... Sassysatin

In the house we live now we really don't use the front door so I had to get creative as well. To bad when I was getting creative I didn't come across the corner bench and corner coat rack that would of worked even better.  If and when we do move back home there is a house on the market that has foyer with a locker system built right in "LOL" I can dream of having the house I guess..

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