How to Get Rid of Mice

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Last winter, we found a mouse in our bathroom. I, of course, immediately let out a high-pitch squeel and threw my cat, Scout, in there to do his kitty duty.


A few minutes later, I opened the door, only to have Scout high-tail it outta there, his fur all puffed up as if he was just thrown in the face of a monster five times his size. Apparently I have the one cat who's afraid of a mouse.

So I then had to trap the mouse in a corner, scoot it into a pot, and throw it outside. Eeeek!

In case this scenario occurs again this year, I'll be prepared. Woman's Day has come up with ways to prevent mice from making their way into you home and what to do if they do manage to sneak in.

  • They don’t come in unless you let them. Most mice only show up when there’s an open invitation, such as the day you leave the garage open with a bag of grass seed inside (you may as well roll out a red carpet). So don’t.
  • They prefer what they’re already eating. If you find that mice have chewed into a Cheerios box, don’t bother baiting your traps with peanut butter or cheese—use Cheerios.
  • They’re boring. They run the same routes repeatedly. Place snap traps where you’ve seen them: along the edges of rooms or where you see droppings.

For more tips, check out Woman's Day's site.

Have you ever had a mouse problem? What did you do to get rid of it?

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