Scary No-Carve Pumpkin Bats - Make Your Own

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Halloween pumpkin bats

Photo by LuminousMom

CafeMom LuminousMom always makes the best crafts. Check out her black pumpkin bats for Halloween. And no carving!


Here's the no-carve pumpkin bat "how to" from LuminousMom:

  • Paint. It took four coats of black acrylic paint to completely paint them black. I think spray paint would have been a better idea.
  • Wings are made of the super thick craft foam, not the kind you can bend easily but the double-thick kind. I didn't use a pattern for the wings, just free handed them and they came out fine — two wings per sheet at $0.99 per sheet. I left a "tab" on the end of each wing where it attaches to the body. Then I cut a slot into the side of the pumpkins and inserted the wings into the slot using a screwdriver to push the wing in there. They fit in snugly, which is nice!
  • Ears. I used toothpicks to put triangle-shaped ears on top, in front of the stems.
  • Eyes. I used silver paint for the bats' eyes and mouths and painted black dots inside the eyes.

These look so great, LuminousMom. Thanks for the fun and simple craft idea.


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