Tree Nest: My Kind of Fort

tree nest Big Sur treebones

Photo from Emily Perry Studios

So in love with this tree nest — photo taken by my friend Emily on her recent visit to treebones in Big Sur, CA.

This is my kind of fort. A fort just for mama.


Emily, an artist and practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine, says:

"this nest held space for me while i visited:: it looks out to the Pacific, with a wonderful view below, and a sky full of stars. this place is holding space for you, too. can you feel a field of possibility opening before you?"

Today, I'm imagining what space this place is holding for me. I am imagining a space just for me. I have spaces in my life for my kids. For work. For marriage. I have to keep a space open just for me. I make sure I go inside this space sometimes: ocean, stars, quiet.

Do you have a special place at home (or elsewhere) where you go to get some space?


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