The $0 Office Makeover


Check out Jenny's gorgeous office makeover on Little Green Notebook – accomplished for virtually $0. What???

That's right. Jenny used mostly furniture, paint, fabric, and ribbon she had already — even cleaned up the credenza's brass handles using white vinegar and salt. The furniture was purchased over time "on the cheap," and the other materials were left over from past projects. She then accessorized the new office with items she already owned.

I really like a creative reuse projects. But I love an entirely creative reuse room makeover even more. See Jenny's step-by-step on this makeover project.

Have you redone a room lately using furniture and materials you already own? Tell us about it.


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Lumin... LuminousMom

I love it too! We just re did my 2yo DD's nursery into a guest room.. she sleeps in my sons room on his bunk bed (I WISH she would use her room but they seem happy so for now I will let it go!!)... and our house is on the market so we decided to stage it as a guest room. I mixed some paint from two old rooms (a sage and white) to paint it a light sage green instead of pink, moved in my hope chest to place a TV on, changed the curtains to ones I had from our last house, and repainted an old canvas I had with a motif that fit the room. We even used an old metal wall hanging and turned it into a headboard. It didnt cost us anything and it completely changed the room from baby pink to sophisticated green guest room! It REALLY made me happy I am a pack rat with decor items like curtains, art, and bedding. I save them instead of donate them because you never know when you can use them again!

clean... cleanaturalady

I love this.  I have done this before, but my rooms didn't look as nice as hers. :)

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