Tiny Stenciled Animal Details Make Me Smile

bird stencil stairs

Photo from Dos Family

Sweet mercy, how I love this little stenciled bird detail for the home, found over on the new-to-me blog Dos Family. OMG, I almost can't stand how cute it is...

If your heart can take it, click through to see the little fox stencil and more...

fox stencil steps

Photo from Dos Family

Well, hello, Mr. Fox. Aren't you so cute too? {{{ heart pitter pattering }}}

Aren't these little whimsical details nice? In my opinion, this is the kind of magical touch that makes a house a very special home.

Check out the original post for the DIY how-to and more stencil decor inspiration that will blow your mind.

Do you use stencils to detail your home? What shapes do you like? Where have you used them?


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