Pretty Black (Yes, Black) Dining Room

black dining room

Photo by Ambyr

Not long ago, I was in Home Decor and So Much More! and came across the lovely black dining room of CafeMom Ambyr. Isn't it gorgeous? I've never considered painting any room in my home black, and surely not a dining room.

However, after seeing these photos, I think differently.


dining table chairs

chair rail black walls

dining area

It probably helps that the dining room gets bright with natural light and that she opted for a pale metallic wallpaper around the chair rail, which gives the room a nice lift. Whatever the reason, I think the room's stunning and elegant.

I'd definitely give black or even a dark slate gray a second thought in a well-lit room.

It's lovely, Ambyr. Bold and lovely.

What do you think? Would you consider painting a room black?

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