I Hate Carving Jack O' Lanterns, Do You?

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handmade orange pumpkin plaid pumpkin

Instead of carving a Jack O' Lantern, I've been trying to talk my 6-year old into one of these adorable handmade pumpkins from Sea Pinks ($12), but he's not having it.

My son really really wants to "cut out a pumpkin and put fire in it."

*sigh* I guess there's no way out of this one...


I don't know why I hate carving pumpkins so much.

I think it's just one of those things for me that seems fun and ends up being a pain in the neck. In my opinion, carving a jack o' lantern is fun until after you make your first cut and then it's all downhill from there.

It takes a good hour to get it carved out right. It's messy, smelly, lonely, and frustrating if you're even the slightest bit perfectionist. And it's not like the kids can really do a whole lot after they make the initial drawing.

I'm sure I'll be giving in to pumpkin carving soon. I know my boy's heart is set on it. What else can a mama do?

Carving pumpkins — love it or hate it? How do you make it fun?


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