Raincoats Repurposed Into Cute Bags

repurposed raincoat clutch purse repurposed raincoat clutch purse

recycled shoulder bag laptop case recycled down jacket

The crafty repurposing, recycling and salvaging movement never ceases to amaze (even if, yes, crafty people been reusing materials forever?). I adore creative reuse of all kinds. Swoon!


Check out these cute purses and bags from Damnation Reclamation, made from old raincoats and a down jacket.

Shown above (clockwise from top left):

  • Repurposed Raincoat Plaid Clutch (black vinyl interior), $35
  • Repurposed Raincoat Quilted Green Clutch (camouflage interior), $35
  • Recycled Down Jacket Laptop Case / Shoulder Bag, $45
  • Repurposed Raincoat Green Shoulder Bag (strawberry interior), $35

If you're a crafter, are you drawn to using recycled or repurposed materials? What have you recycled or repurposed lately?


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