Save Your Grocery List to Your Cell Phone

iphone grocery listMaybe I'm late to the household organizer game here, but I just emailed a master grocery list to my iPhone and cut and pasted it into the Notes application for easy grocery shopping (yes, there's an actual grocery list app, but I found it too complicated for my needs).

You could also text message your master list to a regular cell phone.


I get so sick of forgetting that one other significant thing when I run by the grocery store to pick up a gallon milk. Now when I run by the store for a quick shop, I can quickly peruse our master list to remind myself what other critical items I might pick up while I'm there.

For my regular weekly or bi-weekly grocery shopping trips, I can also copy and paste the master list into a new Note and delete out what we don't need. Easy peasy and saves paper and noggin overload too!

And yes, my list is organized by section in our Trader Joe's, in order from the right of the store to the checkout stations. I feel this is just the beginning of big and thrilling things I can do with my iPhone.

Do you already keep a master grocery list on your cell phone or am I a genius?


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